Death Valley Ranch of the Dead Poster no. 2

This is the second design in the Death Valley Ranch of the Dead series.

Dead Rebel® Speed Shop t-shirt

T-shirts are back online! Check them out here.

All my t-shirts are hand printed by myself, so no two will be the same. Each t-shirt also comes with some special hand printed swing tags.

Each t-shirt is aged and distressed to give it that authentic vintage Hot Rod garage feel.

Dead Rebel® Suicide Club

Now looking for new members.

Tiki Revenge!

In the next few weeks I'm going to be releasing a new set of tiki prints. But in the meantime here is a brief tease to whet your appetite!

Slick Mick's Navy Wax

Military grade Styling Wax. Keeping your hairstyle in perfect condition no matter what the weather.

Death Valley Ranch of the Dead Print

I'm pleased to announce that the Projekt Alpha shop is officially open.

This is the first in the Death Valley series of A3 prints that will be for sale over the coming weeks. All my prints will be available in very limited numbers, so be sure to get yours before they all go! Click here if you are interested.

Below are a few detail images of the prints themselves. They are printed using ristograph machines which gives them a quality similar to screen printing which also means no two prints are the same.

Projekt Alpha Business Cards

Was it really in January I last posted something?

I've been looking into a variety of processes and methods of getting my artwork actually printed so I can finally start to put things in my rather stark looking shop.

I've now found a decent place that can achieve the finish I am looking for and my first test piece was to get some business cards done.

I never really saw the point of them, but over the last few months I've found myself in a number of situations where they would have been very handy. So now I don't go anywhere without them!

I've got a few new illustrations that I will be putting up soon, which will also be available as limited art prints.