Dead Rebel© Speed Shop

Established in the late 1950's, little is know about Dead Rebel© Speed Shop, and few locals are willing to speak of the circumstances that lead to the companies demise.

Above is the only surviving picture of what the Dead Rebel© Speed Shop looked like, before it was demolished after fire engulfed the garage.

All records were thought to have been lost, but investigations lead Projekt Alpha© to believe that before demolition, the surviving content of the garage were secretly moved to an unspecified storage archive.

We can now announce that Projekt Alpha© have been able to secure access to this archive, and will be selling a small range of unique Dead Rebel© products that have been discovered. These range from company t-shirts to event posters, and even printed sheet metal works.

All these will inevitably be available in small numbers, and might show slight signs of ageing and damage, but we are offering you the chance to buy a piece of American history.

As we discover more items, so they will be posted here, so please check back for regular updates.

Projekt Alpha©

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